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This page lists all the enemies in NEStalgia. If you would like information on recruitable companions, then see the Companions page.

Ennar (Balzackia Region)

Beginner Cave: Assassin Overworld.png Assassin (Unlisted)
Around Ennar: Slime Overworld.png Slime Tree Spider Overworld.png Tree Spider Red Slime Overworld.png Red Slime Mouse Overworld.png Mouse (Boss)
Over the Bridge: Terwasp Overworld.png Terwasp Lizard Overworld.png Lizard Mini Mage Overworld.png Mini Mage Blue Slime Overworld.png Blue Slime
Bandit Cave: Cave Bat Overworld.png Cave Bat Micro Monk Overworld.png Micro Monk Bandit Overworld.png Bandit Rehgor overworld.png Rehgor (Boss)

Balzackia (Balzackia Region)

Around Balzackia: Micro Monk Overworld.png Micro Monk1 (Ennar) Mega Moth Overworld.png Mega Moth Sludge (overworld).png Sludge2 Cougar Overworld.png Cougar3
Balzackia: Balzackian Archer Overworld.png Balzackian Archer (Boss) Balzackian Soldier Overworld.png Balzackian Soldier (Boss) Balzackian Wizard Overworld.png Balzackian Wizard (Boss)
Forest Maze: Maneater Overworld.png Maneater4 Reptsicle Overworld.png Reptsicle Giant Toad Overworld.png Giant Toad Procrastor Overworld.png Procrastor (Boss)
Catacombs: Zombie Overworld.png Zombie4 Crypt Spider Overworld.png Crypt Spider Scorcher Overworld.png Scorcher Skeleton Overworld.png Skeleton5 Ghost Overworld.png Ghost6
Guardian overworld.png Guardian (Boss) Lightning Rod Overworld.png Lightning Rod (Boss) Fire Rod Overworld.png Fire Rod (Boss) Ice Rod Overworld.png Ice Rod (Boss) Spirit Rod Overworld.png Spirit Rod (Boss)
Anywhere: Unknown.PNG Flayer7 (Miniboss)

1Only encountered from Mountain Pass to Balzackia and immediate vicinity.
2Cannot be encountered in the southernmost part of Balzackia region and near the Catacombs entrance.
3Only encountered far from Balzackia (where there are no Micro Monks).
4May also be encountered in the southernmost part of Balzackia region and near the Catacombs entrance.
5Only deep inside the Catacombs.
6Secret room only.
7Cannot be encountered where Micro Monks are.

Piatta (Highlands Region)

Around Piatta: Porki Overworld.png Porki Snake Overworld.png Snake Evil Stump Overworld.png Evil Stump1 Clamjaw Overworld.png Clamjaw2
Over the Bridge: Driller Overworld.png Driller Giant Crab Overworld.png Giant Crab Pirate Overworld.png Pirate
Pirate Base: Sally Overworld.png Sally (Boss) Blood Beard Overworld.png Blood Beard (Boss)
Piatta Cave: Pirate Ghost Overworld.png Pirate Ghost (Boss) Sentry Overworld.png Sentry Risen Pirate Overworld.png Risen Pirate Muck Overworld.png Muck Eyezor Overworld.png Eyezor Pixon Overworld.png Pixon3
Anywhere: Unknown.PNG Fishman (Miniboss)

1Only in the forest.
2Not in the forest. Also appears over the bridge.
3Second floor only.

Bedoe (Highlands Region)

Around Bedoe: Pixon Overworld.png Pixon1 (Piatta) SnakeEyes Overworld.png Snake Eyes Skorpigon Overworld.png Skorpigon Stinger Overworld.png Stinger2 Mage Slime Overworld.png Mage Slime3
Mt. Vezu: Lava Lizard (overworld).png Lava Lizard Molten Slime Overworld.png Molten Slime Lurker Overworld.png Lurker4 Demon Overworld.png Demon Drake Overworld.png Drake5 Phoenix (overworld).png Phoenix (Boss)
Bedoe: Zedd Overworld.png Zedd (Boss) Tia Overworld.png Tia (Boss) Drago (overworld).png Drago (Boss)
Anywhere: Unknown.PNG Fire Beetle (Miniboss)

1Only from Piatta Cave to around Bedoe.
2Only in the area east of Bedoe. (Replaces Pixon.)
3Only near the inlet southwest of Bedoe.
4Only appear inside and on first floor balconies.
5Only on second floor balconies. (Replaces Lurker.)


Steamonia: Unknown.PNG Noggin Crab Unknown.PNG Smooker Unknown.PNG Spy Unknown.PNGGreenlight Heavy Chest Overworld.png Heavy Chest (Trap) Gabe Overworld.png King Gabe (Boss)

Verity (Ardan Region)

Around Verity: Dire Rose Overworld.png Dire Rose Wolf Overworld.png Wolf White Wolf Overworld.png White Wolf1 Ogre Overworld.png Ogre Jade Lamp Overworld.png Jade Lamp Unknown.PNG Hydra2 (Miniboss)
Around Future Verity: Watcher Overworld.png Watcher Poltergeist Overworld.png Poltergeist Demi Slave Overworld.png Demi Slave Boomer (overworld).png Boomer Unknown.PNG Dark Hydra (Miniboss)
Future Warder Overworld.png Warder (Boss) Blood Rod Overworld.png Blood Rod (Boss) Lightning Rod Overworld.png Power Rod (Boss) Dark Rod Overworld.png Dark Rod (Boss) Spirit Rod Overworld.png Ghost Rod (Boss)
Lighthouse: Ardan Guard Overworld.png Ardan Guard Ardan Warlock Overworld.png Ardan Warlock Skeletor Overworld.png Skeletor Glommus (overworld).png Glommus Chest.png Chester (Trap)
Cyclops Overworld.png Cyclops (Boss) Unknown.PNG Drake Lord (Boss) Unknown.PNG MagiDrake (Boss) Unknown.PNG MediDrake (Boss)

1Not encountered naturally. Can only be summoned by Wolf.
2Also found in the Lighthouse.

Ardan (Ardan Region)

Around Ardan: Glommus (overworld).png Glommus1 (Verity) Highwayman Overworld.png Highwayman Widower Overworld.png Widower Spellerfly Overworld.png SpellerFly Unknown.PNG Hydra (Miniboss/Verity)
Ardan: Ardan Guard Overworld.png Ardan Guard (Verity) Ardan Warlock Overworld.png Ardan Warlock (Verity) Efrain Overworld.png Efrain (Boss)

1Also in Ardan.

Nanuk (Arctic Region)

Around Nanuk: Pengy Overworld.png Pengy Needler Overworld.png Needler Ice Slime Overworld.png Ice Slime1 Snow Leopard Overworld.png Snow Leopard Ice Bloom Overworld.png Ice Bloom2
Yeti's Cave: SnowMan Overworld.png SnowMan Mudder Overworld.png Mudder Pincher Overworld.png Pincher3 Unknown.PNG Grave Lurker (Boss) Yeti Overworld.png Yeti (Boss)
Northwestern Arctic: Snowwiz Overworld.png SnowWiz Paratiel Overworld.png Paratiel Hardcap Overworld.png HardCap Bad Frosty Overworld.png Bad Frosty4
Ice Palace: Icer Overworld.png Icer Frostgore Overworld.png Frostgore Undead Overworld.png Undead Gorgon Overworld.png Gorgon Chest.png Chestsicle (Trap) Midgardoverworld.png Midgard (Boss)
Anywhere: Unknown.PNGMammoth5 (Miniboss)

1Also in Yeti's Cave.
2Rare encounter. Only before bridge.
3Also in Northwestern Arctic.
4Rare encounter. Only in Arctic's westernmost peninsula.
5Cannot be encountered where Ice Blooms or Bad Frosties are.

The Colosseum (Balzackia Region)

The Warrior's Crypt: Necromancer Overworld.png Necromancer Vampire Bat Overworld.png Vampire Bat Crypt Raider Overworld.png Crypt Raider Bone Warrior Overworld.png Bone Warrior1 Tomb Guardian Overworld.png Tomb Guardian Gremlin Overworld.png Gremlin
Phantom (overworld).png Phantom Chest.png Chester (Trap/Verity) Crypt Knight Overworld.png Crypt Knight (Boss) Unknown.PNGChaos Shield (Boss) Unknown.PNGChaos Sword (Boss)

1Not encountered naturally. Can only be summoned by Necromancer.

Black Sanctum (Black Sanctum Region)

Pools of Warding: Totem Overworld.png Totem DemonLock Overworld.png DemonLock Fallen One Overworld.png Fallen One Blacksanctumchest.png Death Trap (Trap)
Ice Specter Overworld.png Ice Specter1
(Cold hallways)
Toxic Specter (overworld).png Toxic Specter1
Mad Specter Overworld.png Mad Specter1
(Isolated platform)
Occularis Overworld.png Occularis (Boss) Eyezor Overworld.png Occularis Eye (Boss)
Both: Void Dweller Overworld.png Void Dweller Metal Slime Overworld.png Metal Slime1 Gargoyle Overworld.png Gargoyle
Keep: Defiled One Overworld.png Defiled One Observer Overworld.png Observer Flamer Overworld.png Flamer Cursed Candle Overworld.png Cursed Candle
Fire Specter Overworld.png Fire Specter1
Storm Specter Overworld.png Storm Specter1
(Western § of upper)
Holy Specter Overworld.png Holy Specter1
(Likes water)
Dark Specter Overworld.png Dark Specter1
Diark Overworld.png Diark (Boss) Unknown.PNG Red Wick (Boss) Unknown.PNG Green Wick (Boss) Unknown.PNG Blue Wick (Boss) Unknown.PNG Yellow Wick (Boss)
Yeldir Overworld.png Yeldir (Boss) Malice Overworld.png Malice (Boss)

1Rare encounter.


Shade Overworld.png Shade: S. Rehgor Overworld.png S. Rehgor Unknown.PNGS. Bandit
S. Procrastor Overworld.png S. Procrastor Unknown.PNGS. Reptsicle
S. Phoenix Overworld.png S. Phoenix
S. Cyclops Overworld.png S. Cyclops Unknown.PNGS. Drake
S. Crypt Knight Overworld.png S. Crypt Knight Unknown.PNGS. Shield Unknown.PNGS. Sword
S. Midgard Overworld.png S. Midgard Unknown.PNGShadegore