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Ardan castle is located on the southern tip of the eastern continent. The recent passing of King Malathar has allowed his son Mardeck to ascend to power. In a stark contrast to his father's ways, King Mardeck has ruled the kingdom with no regard to law or morals ever since coming to power.

Places of Interest

Inside Ardan Castle up the first flight of stairs is the Altar of the Moon. The Casino entrance is in the east wing of the castle town behind the Ardan Bank. Look for a man chasing (or being chased by) a Slime then head north.

Maplink.png Quests

Redstar.gif Warning: Quests with a red star contain spoilers! Redstar.gif

NPC Quests

Redstar.gif The Top of the World


Redstar.gif King Balzack's Execution


Note: Kauthan will not allow access to the Black Sanctum from the stairs found south of Ardan's bank until the Top of the World quest is completed. Access to the Sanctum from the cave entrance south of Verity is also off-limits until this quest is completed, although some of the Sanctum's features are accessible without quest completion (the day's Monster Hunt quest along with the Shades of Evil quest, some medium seeds, and equipment like The Bleeder and the Pendant of Storms that can not be found anywhere else).

Weaponshop.png Weapon Shop

Item Stats Level Class Price
Titan Sword ATK 33, STR 2, AGL 2 26 Ranger, Soldier, Merchant 8,500 Gold
Titan Bow ATK 30, AGL 3, INT 2 26 Ranger 8,500 Gold
Titan Dagger ATK 25, AGL 5 26 Ranger, Cleric, Merchant, Warlock 8,500 Gold
Titan Staff ATK 22, AGL 1, INT 3 26 Cleric, Ranger, Wizard 8,500 Gold
Titan Orb ATK 19, AGL 2, INT 3 26 Conjurer 8,500 Gold

Armorshop.png Armor Shop

Item Stats Level Class Price
Titan Plate Armor DEF 30, STR 3 26 Soldier 10,000 Gold
Titan Shroud DEF 15, INT 3 26 Cleric, Wizard, Conjurer 10,000 Gold
Titan Cloak DEF 22, AGL 3 26 Ranger, Merchant 10,000 Gold
Titan Shield DEF 13, AGL 3 26 Soldier 11,000 Gold
Titan Helmet DEF 11, STR 2 26 Soldier, Ranger, Merchant 7,500 Gold
Titan War Hat DEF 8, AGL 2 26 All 7,500 Gold

Potionshop.png Item Shop

Item Status Level Cost
HP Potion-C Heals a target for 120 hit points 17 250 Gold
Magic Herb-B Target recovers 40 magic points 17 300 Gold
Antidote Cures a target of all Poison effects 1 40 Gold
Blue Candle Dispels the Mirage effect on an ally 1 90 Gold
Scroll of Recall Casts the spell of Recall one time 1 50 Gold
Scroll of Outside Casts the spell of Outside one time 1 90 Gold
Scroll of Repel Casts the spell of Repel one time 1 90 Gold
Silver Charm Increases recruit chance to 1/20, Single use 1 400 Gold

Subscriber Shop

Item Cost Info
Hero of the Light Dye 35000 Gold Recolors clothing to angelic white
Sacred Scroll of Rebirth 10000 Gold Re-customize/reset your appearance

Inn.png Inn

75 Gold

Marketplace.png Marketplace

The Marketplace in Balzackia and Ardan is a custom market for players to easily buy and sell equipment and items with other players.

Ardan Bestiary

Highwayman Overworld.png Highwayman Spellerfly Overworld.png Spellerfly Widower Overworld.png Widower Glommus (overworld).png Glommus

Ardan Castle Bestiary (pre-liberation)

Ardan Guard Overworld.png Ardan Guard Ardan Warlock Overworld.png Ardan Warlock

Ardan Minibosses and Bosses

Efrain Overworld.png Efrain