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Malice (battle).png
 Wild HP: 1700
 Wild MP:  ??
 Type: Normal
 Gold: 1000
 Experience: 1000
 Steal: Triple Seed Booster
 Found: Black Sanctum
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Malice is a boss found in the Keep of the Black Sanctum and is connected to the Malicious Intent quest. Access to the section of the Keep where Malice is located requires completion of the Small and Smaller quest.

When a player resets their quests, they lose access to the Keep as well as access to Malice's domain.

Malice takes one of four forms during battle with each form having, in essence, damage resistance like that of a Metal Slime to three of the four following damage types:

All other forms of damage are reduced to one point per attack regardless of form. Hybrid attacks such as those from a player or companion with an elemental enchant will deal two points of damage to Malice if the current form is resistant to both normal damage and the enchants element or an appropriate amount based on which half of the attack Malice is currently not highly resistant to.

Each of Malice's four forms are color coded; the orange form is resistant to all but fire damage, the light blue form is resistant to all but ice damage, the yellow form is resistant to all but storm damage, and the dark red form is resistant to all but normal non-bleed/poison damage. On the first turn of battle and every fourth turn thereafter, Malice will randomly shift to any form aside from the one already active. Malice starts in 'normal' form and attacks twice per round, excepting cases where Malice's round starts with the use of Dragon's Fury.

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