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A map of Verity.

Verity is a forest village northwest of Ardan and southeast of Piatta. The ancient lighthouse stands watch on a peninsula to the west of town.

The Ardanians have been raiding the supply convoys headed for the village, so supplies for the town are severely limited. A band of resistance fighters has formed so that they may fight back against the Ardanians.

Maplink.png Quests

Redstar.gif Warning: Quests with a red star contain spoilers! Redstar.gif

NPC Quests

Redstar.gif The Ancient Lighthouse
Redstar.gif To Ardan With Haste

Potionshop.png Item Shop

Item Status Level Cost
HP Potion-B Restore 70 Health, Single target 6 50 Gold
Magic Herb-A Restore 25 Mana, Single target 1 25 Gold
Antidote Cures Poison, Single target 1 20 Gold
Blue Candle Cures Mirage, Single target 1 50 Gold
Scroll of Recall Cast Recall, Single use 1 30 Gold
Scroll of Outside Cast Outside, Single use 1 40 Gold
Scroll of Repel Cast Repel, Single use 1 50 Gold
Bronze Charm Increases recruit chance to 1/30, Single use 1 40 Gold

Inn.png Inn

The Verity inn charges 55 Gold.

Verity Bestiary

Wolf Overworld.png Wolf White Wolf Overworld.png White Wolf Dire Rose Overworld.png Dire Rose Ogre Overworld.png Ogre Jade Lamp Overworld.png Jade Lamp
Boomer (overworld).png Boomer Demi Slave Overworld.png Demi Slave Poltergeist Overworld.png Poltergeist Watcher Overworld.png Watcher
Ardan Guard Overworld.png Ardan Guard Ardan Warlock Overworld.png Ardan Warlock Skeletor Overworld.png Skeletor Glommus (overworld).png Glommus Chest.png Chester

Verity Minibosses and Bosses

Dark Hydra
Future Warder Overworld.png Future Warder
Cyclops Overworld.png Cyclops


Verity has an air balloon which goes to Mt. Vezu or to Ardan for 100 gold. The option to travel to Ardan is not available until later events in the main storyline have unfolded.