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The town of Ennar as it stands next to the sea.
The town of Ennar.

Ennar is the starting town all players encounter upon entering the world of NEStalgia. The town is surrounded by mountains to the East and South, and a great sea to the West and North. The town is under the protection and rule of the Balzackian Kingdom. The town has an Item, Weapon, and Armor shop available to new adventurers as well as an Inn, which costs 3 Gold per stay.

Maplink.png Quests

NPC Quests
Captain Krieg
Ennar Mayor

Weaponshop.png Weapon Shop

Item Stats Level Class Cost Special
Cypress Stick ATK 1 1 All 10 Gold
Broad Sword ATK 4 1 Soldier, Ranger, Merchant 40 Gold
Wooden Staff ATK 2 1 Ranger, Cleric, Wizard, Conjurer 60 Gold
Tiny Dagger ATK 3 1 Ranger, Cleric, Merchant, Warlock 75 Gold
Cypress Bow ATK 5 1 Ranger 120 Gold
Simple Abacus ATK 5 1 Merchant 150 Gold
Training Glove AGL 1 1 Ninja 80 Gold Chance to Slow
Light Axe ATK 6 1 Soldier 250 Gold

Armorshop.png Armor Shop

Item Stats Level Class Cost
Headband DEF 1 1 All 55 Gold
Wayfarer's Clothes DEF 3 1 All 45 Gold
Leather Armor DEF 5 1 Soldier, Ranger, Merchant 120 Gold
Simple Robes DEF 4 1 Cleric, Wizard, Conjurer, Ninja, Warlock 160 Gold
Heavy Leather Armor DEF 7 1 Soldier, Ranger, Merchant 450 Gold
Leather Shield DEF 2 1 Soldier 295 Gold
Simple Coin Purse DEF 1, ITEM 1 1 Merchant 150 Gold
Basic Spell Book DEF 1, INT1 1 Conjurer 175 Gold

Potionshop.png Item Shop

Item Status Level Cost
HP Potion-A Restore 30 Health, Single target 1 20 Gold
Magic Herb-A Restore 25 Mana, Single target 1 30 Gold
Antidote Cures Poison, Single target 1 40 Gold
Scroll of Recall Cast Recall, Single use 1 50 Gold

Ennar Bestiary

Slime Overworld.png Slime Red Slime Overworld.png Red Slime Tree Spider Overworld.png Tree Spider
Blue Slime Overworld.png Blue Slime Lizard Overworld.png Lizard Mini Mage Overworld.png Mini Mage Terwasp Overworld.png Terwasp
Bandit Overworld.png Bandit Cave Bat Overworld.png Cave Bat Micro Monk Overworld.png Micro Monk

Ennar Bosses

Assassin Overworld.png Assassin Mouse Overworld.png Mouse Rehgor overworld.png Rehgor

Possible Item Drops