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In NEStalgia, equipment refers to any wearable item that serves some purpose in battle. For information on items that are not wearable, see Items.

These are the main categories of equipment, depending on their function:

Bow Icon.png Weapons Helmet Icon.png Headgear Heavy Armor Icon.png Armor Shield Icon.png Off-Hand

Like other items equipment can be purchased at shops or a marketplace (with the exception of anything purchased with Sanctum Badges or Colosseum Badges), gifted from another player (unless soul bound), received as a drop from a defeated monster, or found in a treasure chest. Unlike most other items, almost all equipment has a level requirement to equip and use, so your character's level must be at or above the level requirement of the equipment in order to equip it.

In addition to the level requirement, most pieces of equipment also have class restrictions. That is, some types of equipment can only be equipped by a certain class and other types have varying ranges of classes that can equip them. For the most part these restrictions depend on the fighting style of the classes that can or can not equip the item. See the list below for information on class specific equipment.

Class Specific Equipment

All the other types of equipment vary in class restrictions, depending on the fighting style of cetain classes.

Equipment Types

There are 3 main different types of equipment: colored, elemental, and unique.

Colored and elemental equipment both have a huge variety, and are subject to several different modifiers.

Colored Equipment

Colored equipment are based around 3 primary modifiers: Strength (Red), Intelligence (Yellow), and Agility (Blue). Those corresponding modifiers then combine to form the other colors: Purple (Strength + Agility), Orange (Strength + Intelligence), Green (Intelligence + Agility), and Rainbow (all three stats). Here is a table showing the stat bonuses of the color modifiers from different regions:

Color Modifiers

Color Red Yellow Blue Purple Orange Green Rainbow
Area Bonus
Ennar 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Balzackia 2 2 2 1 1 1 1
Piatta 4 4 4 2 2 2 1
Bedoe 6 6 6 3 3 3 2
Steamonia 7 7 7 3 3 3 2
Verity 8 8 8 4 4 4 2
Ardan 9 9 9 4 4 4 3
Arctic 11 11 11 5 5 5 3
Crypt 12 12 12 6 6 6 4
Black Sanctum
(Dusk Ritual)
13 13 13 6 6 6 4

Elemental Equipment

Elemental equipment modifiers focus on elemental resistances along with stats that have specific purposes, so pieces of elemental equipment should be chosen based on your gameplay style. Here is a table showing the stat bonuses of the elemental modifiers from different regions:

Elemental Modifiers

Element Fiery Frosty Stormy Gilded Lucky Noble Blessed Charged Durable
Stat -FIR/FIR+/Fire Enchant* -ICE/ICE+/Ice Enchant* -STM/STM+/Storm Enchant* GOLD/EXP LUCK/Random Stat GOLD/EXP/LUCK INT/HEAL INT/ELM+/Random Enchant* -ELM
Area Bonus
Ennar 1/1/≤5 1/1/≤5 1/1/≤5 - - - - - -
Balzackia 1/1/≤5 1/1/≤5 1/1/≤5 - 2/1 1/1/1 - - 1
Piatta 2/2/≤5 2/2/≤5 2/2/≤5 2/2 4/1 1/1/1 2/2 2/?/≤5 1
Bedoe 3/3/≤10 3/3/≤10 3/3/≤10 3/3 6/1 2/2/2 3/3 3/1/≤10 2
Steamonia 3/3/≤10 3/3/≤10 3/3/≤10 3/3 7/1 2/2/2 3/3 3/1/≤10 2
Verity 4/4/≤10 4/4/≤10 4/4/≤10 4/4 8/2 2/2/2 4/4 4/1/≤10 2
Ardan 4/4/≤10 4/4/≤10 4/4/≤10 4/4 9/2 3/3/3 4/4 4/1/≤10 3
Arctic 5/5/≤15 5/5/≤15 5/5/≤15 5/5 11/2 3/3/3 5/5 5/2/≤15 3
Crypt 6/6/≤15 6/6/≤15 6/6/≤15 6/6 12/3 4/4/4 6/6 6/2/≤15 4
Black Sanctum
(Dusk Ritual)
6/6/≤15 6/6/≤15 6/6/≤15 6/6 13/3 4/4/4 6/6 6/2/≤15 4
*Only on weapons.

Unique Equipment

Unique equipment has a specific name, such as Power Bracelet or Acheron's Shield. Unlike colored and elemental equipment, unique equipment does not stick to a certain theme. As an example, the unique book found around Balzackia (The Book of Untruths) has stats aimed at a different Conjurer build than the unique book found in the Arctic (The Lightning Tome).

On top of having bonuses like those found on colored and elemental equipment, unique equipment can also belong to a set or have charges of an ability. Sets give the wearer one or more stat bonuses for every piece equipped after the first one. For example, if you have three pieces of a set equipped you get the set bonus applied twice. For more information on sets, see the sets page. Charges allow the wearer to use whatever spell or skill is on the piece of equipment by using that piece of equipment in battle as if it was an item. Charges can be refilled either by sleeping at an inn or using HardCap's (companion) Recharge skill. For example, The Lightning Tome allows a Conjurer to 'cast' the Electro spell five times before it must be recharged.

Soul Bound Equipment

If your equipment become soul bound then they are specific to your BYOND key and can only be equipped by one of your characters. This means that they cannot be given to other players or sold on a marketplace. They can, however, be sold to a shop vendor or transferred to one of your own characters through the Shared Vault.

Equipment becomes soul bound the first time you equip it on one of your characters, or if it binds on pick-up, such as the items purchased with Sanctum Badges or items dropped by a Sanctum boss. For more information on soul bound items see Soul Bound.