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This is a list of all the items in NEStalgia. Click the headers for information about a particular group of items, or click an individual item for detailed information about it.

General Items

These items you will be constantly in contact with and maybe important to a quest or battle. They can even provide additional lore to the of NEStalgia.

Scroll Icon.png Single Use Items

Crystal Icon.png Rechargeables

Banner Icon.png Banners

Seed Icon.png Seeds

Book Icon.png Quest Items

Crafting Items

These items only purpose is to be used for the player to either do more damage in battle or to make it easier to navigate the world. They either take a up a spot in the inventory or a spot in the ingredients pouch.

Enchanting Icon.png Enchants

Balzackian Heartstone.png Hearthstones

Vanity Items

These items allow you to change the hair style, along with change its color as well as the color of the clothing they have on. There are also special event items that can only be gotten with a limited time. If you have the gold and own a guild, you are also able to change the color of the cloak.

Mask Icon.png Masks

Dye Icon.png Dyes

Staff Icon.png Rods