Sanctum Badges

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Sanctum Badges (originally known as shards) can be obtained through the completion of quests inside the Black Sanctum. They can be exchanged for equipment and stat boosting seeds from merchants located at either entrance's of the Black Sanctum. There are currently 7 quests available each day giving a total of 8 Sanctum Badges per day. The following quests can be done:

  • Shades of Evil (Kill Shade): 1 Sanctum Badge
  • Collection quest: 1 Sanctum Badge
  • Specter quest: 1 Sanctum Badge
  • Eye See What You Do There (Kill Occularis): 1 Sanctum Badge
  • The Spell of Warding (Activate 7 Pedestals in the Pools): 1 Sanctum Badge
  • Small and Smaller (Kill Yeldir and Diark): 2 Sanctum Badges
  • Malicious Intent (Kill Malice): 1 Sanctum Badge