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Merchants are well-rounded in terms of physical prowess, able to match a soldier in terms of attack power and defense so long as their Credit holds up. Magically, a merchant can weather multi-target damage fairly well in spite of poor intelligence growth if built for it, but single-target damage will still be a notable concern. Merchants are among the best classes when it comes to grinding due to being able to easily accumulate bonuses to gold find and item find, as well as the ability to bank items from anywhere.

Overall, merchants can fit in with most any party and hold their own.


Merchants can equip Swords, Abaci and Daggers. They use Medium to Heavy Armor. In their offhand slot, Merchants equip coin bags which offer defense and stat boosts.

Credit System

The merchant does not have mana in the normal sense. Instead they use a system called Credit to activate their abilities. A Merchant has a maximum of 600 credits and gains these credits by either attacking or being attacked.

Skill Trees

Skill Trees are the basis of leveling and customizing your character in NEStalgia. The skill tree menu unlocks at level 5 and at that point the player will be able to customize their character with available skill points. There are two ways to gain additional points:

  • Gain an experience level, which grants one point.
  • Progress through the plot of the game, which grants one point after completing the main quest connected to Verity's lighthouse and an additional point after completing the main quest connected to the Arctic's ice palace.

As of v1.68 this allows for a maximum of 30 points to spend.

Commerce Tree

Icon Node Level Required Nodes Max Points Description Image
Diverse Portfolio (node).png Diverse Portfolio - - 2 +1 to Plus Fire, Ice and Storm for every 4 levels. Commerce Tree.png
Lucky (node).png Lucky - - 2 +1 to Luck for every 3 levels.
Enchanter (node).png Enchanter 5 Diverse Portfolio (2) 3 +30% to the Power of all Weapon Enchants.
Pickpocket (node).png Pickpocket 5 Lucky (2) 3 +10% to the Rate of Pilfer.
Gold Digger (node).png Gold Digger 5 Pickpocket (3) 2 +1 to Plus Gold and Plus Exp for every 3 levels.
Confounding Blows (node).png Confounding Blows 10 Enchanter (2) 3 +5% chance to inflict Confuse with all physical attacks.
Tax Ability (node).png Tax 10 Enchanter (1) or Pickpocket (1) 1 Inflicts direct damage that is returned as HP to the caster.
Poise (node).png Poise 10 Pickpocket (2) 2 +25% chance to ignore the effects of Confuse.
Might (node).png Might 15 Enchanter (2) 3 +1 to Strength for every 3 levels.
Collections (node).png Collections 15 Ability: Tax (1) 2 +15% to the Power of Tax.
Finance Major (node).png Finance Major 15 Poise (2) 3 +5% to the Rate of Economy.
Crazy Powerful (node).png Crazy Powerful 15 Poise (2) 2 +25% to physical damage when Confused.
Prospector (node).png Prospector 25 Ability: GoldRush (1) 2 +10% to the Power of GoldRush.
GoldRush Ability (node).png GoldRush 25 Might (2) 1 Inflicts direct damage.
Interest (node).png Interest 25 Ability: Goldrush (1) or Finance Major (1) 3 +10 to Credit earned from inflicting damage.

Commerce Tree Overview

"Overview information goes here."

Security Tree

Icon Node Level Required Nodes Max Points Description Image
Mitigate (node).png Mitigate - - 3 -8% to damage taken from all multi-target abilities and attacks. Security Tree.png
Dexterous (node).png Dexterous - - 2 +1 to Agility for every 3 levels.
Shrewd (node).png Shrewd 5 Mitigate (2) 2 +1 to Intelligence for every 3 levels.
The Happenings (node).png The Happenings 5 Shrewd (1) or Sidestep (1) 2 +3% chance for bizarre helpful events to occur each round in battle.
Sidestep (node).png Sidestep 5 Dexterous (2) 2 +2% to Bonus Dodge.
Regulator (node).png Regulator 10 Shrewd (2) 2 +1 to Fire, Ice and Storm Resist for every 4 levels.
Savings (node).png Savings 10 Regulator (2) or Stamina (2) 2 +100 to Max Credit.
Stamina (node).png Stamina 10 Sidestep (2) 3 +1 to Max HP for every 2 levels.
Distract Ability (node).png Distract 15 Regulator (1) 1 Causes attacking foes to focus on the caster; lasts one round.
Solvency (node).png Solvency 15 Ability: Bankrupt (1) 2 +10% chance to avoid being Stunned after using Bankrupt.
Bankrupt Ability (node).png Bankrupt 15 Stamina (2) 1 Prevents caster from being KOed for one round; Stuns caster.
Nap Time (node).png Nap Time 15 Ability: Bankrupt (1) 2 +15% of Max HP healed each round in battle when Asleep or Stunned.
Hunker Down (node).png Hunker Down 25 Ability: Distract (1) 2 -10% to all damage received when using Distract.
Protected Assets (node).png Protected Assets 25 Regulator (2) 2 +1 to Defense for every 3 levels.
Bigger Returns (node).png Bigger Returns 25 Protected Assets (2) or Ability: Bankrupt (1) 3 +10 to Credit earned from taking damage.

Security Tree Overview

"Overview information goes here."


Abilities are skills that the player can use both inside and outside of battle. These abilities will either be bought on the skill tree using skill points or will be learned automatically once the player hits a certain level.

Learned Automatically
Ability Credit Cost Level Description
Coinflip 75 1 34% base chance to instantly kill a single target. Against players/bosses a successful Coinflip does damage between that of a normal attack and a critical hit.
Pilfer 200 3 35% base chance to steal an item from the target's inventory.
Guard 0 7 Boost target's Defense and redirects targeted attacks to the caster.
Trade 175 10 The caster and a single target swap their current status effects.
Loan Gold 12 For every one gold spent the merchant will gain two credits.
Economy 150 15 35% base chance to Confuse each member of an enemy group.
Appraise 75 18 Examines enemy stats in battle and reveals the contents of chests in the overworld.
Deflate 100 25 Burns a small amount of MP, Will, Rage, or Credit from a single target.
Vault 600 30 Allows all allies to deposit items into the vault in the overworld.
Learned from Commerce Tree
Ability Credit Cost Level Description
Tax 100 10 Steals HP from a single target.
GoldRush 275 25 Inflicts direct damage on an enemy group.
Learned from Security Tree
Ability Credit Cost Level Description
Distract 300 15 Causes attacking foes to focus on the caster for one round.
Bankrupt 450 15 Prevents the caster from being KOed for one round then Stuns the caster.