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Ranger Classpick.png Ranger

The Ranger combines physical strength with an impressive arsenal of healing and attack magic to make for a versatile, balanced fighter. “Jack of all trades, master of none”, the Ranger has no glaring weaknesses. Rangers are an excellent class for soloing, but can also be an asset to any party.

Soldier Classpick.png Soldier

With a lot of hit points and strong physical defense, the Soldier is the best “front lines” fighter. Soldiers can equip powerful weapons and armor and are the only class that can also equip shields. A Soldier's primary weakness are magical attacks which can be devastating due to their low intelligence/magic defense.

Cleric Classpick.png Cleric

Clerics are masters of healing magic. They also have a limited selection of attack spells and may play the role of a fairly decent fighter despite being limited to cloth armors.

Wizard Classpick.png Wizard

Wizards have a wide variety of powerful attack spells at their disposal, not to mention different types of buff/debuff magic. Although they can generate staggering amounts of spell damage, Wizards have limited hit points and are physically frail. Their high intelligence gives them a great deal of defensive power against magical attacks.

Merchant Classpick.png Merchant

Merchants are well-rounded in terms of physical prowess, able to closely match a soldier in terms of attack power and defense. Magically, a merchant can weather multi-target damage fairly well in spite of poor intelligence growth if built for it, but single-target damage will still be a notable concern. Merchants are desirable to parties for their ability to boost the amounts of gold and experience received.

Conjurer Classpick.png Conjurer

Conjurers are pure casters that are extremely valuable in a party. They are capable of unleashing a tremendous amount of healing or offensive damage but unlike the Wizard, the majority of their spells are spread out over several turns.

Ninja Classpick.png Ninja

The Ninja is a fast, hard hitter that can bottle the life essence of their enemies into healing items. Unmatched in physical strength, a ninja can be a hard hitter for the entire game. Uses Gloves as their main weapon type.

Warlock Classpick.png Warlock

Warlocks uses their own health to cast spells and can drain the life out of enemies. Warlocks are the healthiest of the four mage classes, with HP growth that rivals classes like soldier and merchant.