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The Ninja is a fast, hard hitter that can turn their enemies into healing items. Unmatched in strength growth, a ninja can be a hard hitter for the entire game. For all of the strength a ninja gains, they eventually lose pace with soldiers and merchants in attack power due to their main weapon type (gloves) not adding attack power on its own.


The Ninja can equip cloth armors and glove weapons. Glove weapons are unique in that they all have an added status ability that has a chance to activate when a ninja attacks, and that they have no attack power on their own. Gloves can have a chance to inflict poison, curse, sleep, slow, confuse, soften or kill (instantly kills non-boss/player targets). Confuse and kill are currently restricted to unique gloves (Delicate Ninja Glove for confuse, Malevolent Gauntlet for kill).

Skill Trees

Skill Trees are the basis of leveling and customizing your character in NEStalgia. The skill tree menu unlocks at level 5 and at that point the player will be able to customize their character with available skill points. There are two ways to gain additional points:

  • Gain an experience level, which grants one point.
  • Progress through the plot of the game, which grants one point after completing the main quest connected to Verity's lighthouse and an additional point after completing the main quest connected to the Arctic's ice palace.

As of v1.68 this allows for a maximum of 30 points to spend.

Assailant Tree

Icon Node Level Required Nodes Max Points Description Image
Elementalist (node).png~!* Elementalist - - 3 +15% of quipped glove Enchant Power added to same Plus Element stat Assailant Tree.png
Ambush (node).png Ambush 5 - 2 +5% chance to surprise monsters in the first round of battle
Spirit Fingers (node).png Spirit Fingers - - 3 +3% chance for equipped gloves effects to trigger when attacking
Wisdom (node).png Wisdom 5 Elementalist (2) 2 +1 to Max MP for every 2 levels
Lucky (node).png Lucky 5 Spirit Fingers (2) 2 +1 to Luck for every 3 levels
MagicKick Ability (node).png MagicKick 10 Wisdom (2) 1 Ability. Inflicts direct damage; Element set by caster's top Plus Element stat
Combat Training (node).png Combat Training 10 Wisdom (2) 2 +1 to Attack for every 3 levels
Lone Warrior (node).png Lone Warrior 10 Ambush (2) 3 +15% to physical damage when outnumbered by foes in battle
Deft (node).png Deft 10 Lucky (2) 2 +4% to Bonus Crit
Extra Poison (node).png Extra Poison 10 Lucky (1) 2 +15% to the Rate of Shuriken
Sagacious (node).png Sagacious 15 Ability:MagicKick 2 +1 to Intelligence for every 3 levels
Extra Powder (node).png Extra Powder 15 Combat Training (1) 3 +1 to the Damage Soft Cap of Kamikaze for every 2 levels
Fair Fight (node).png Fair Fight 15 Lone Warrior (2) 3 -15% to damage received when outnumbered by foes in battle
Bash and Buff (node).png Bash and Buff 15 Deft (1) 3 +33% chance to gain a random status buff upon dealing a Critical Hit
Vanish Power (node).png Vanish Power 25 Extra Powder (1) 2 +10% to the Power of Vanish
Death Blow (node).png Death Blow 25 Bash and Buff (1) 2 +25% to the damage of Critical Hits
Double Strike (node).png Double Strike 25 Vanish Power (2) or Death Blow (2) 3 +15% chance for regular attacks to hit with a second half-damage blow
Finisher (node).png Finisher 25 Extra Poison (1) 3 +8% chance to Kill with attacks on Bleeding, Poisoned or Slowed foes

Assailant Tree Overview

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Elusion Tree

Icon Node Level Required Nodes Max Points Description Image
Priority Healing (node).png Priority Healing - - 2 +50% chance to go first in battle when using Bottled Essence Elusion Tree.png
Enigma (node).png Enigma - - 3 +6% chance to dodge all targeted magic spells; only applies to spells
Stamina (node).png Stamina 5 Priority Healing (2) 3 +1 to Max HP for every 2 levels
Soul Eater (node).png Soul Eater 5 Priority Healing (2) or Enigma (2) 3 +15% to the ammount of HP stored in Bottled Essences consumables
Quickness (node).png Quickness 5 Enigma (2) 3 +1 to Agility for every 3 levels
NinjaNet Ability (node).png NinjaNet 10 Stamina (2) 1 Ability. Inflicts the Slow status
SmokeBomb Ability (node).png SmokeBomb 10 Stamina (2) or Quickness (2) 1 Ability. Allies are Vanished and attack first; lasts one round
Bonus Decoy (node).png Bonus Decoy 10 Quickness (2) 3 +33% chance to deploy an extra dummy when using Decoy
Barbed Nets (node).png Barbed Nets 15 Ability:NinjaNet 2 +25% chance for NinjaNet to also inflict Bleed
Disintegrate (node).png Disintegrate 15 Stamina (2) 2 +5% chance to inflict Blind on attacking foes
Eschew (node).png Eschew 15 Ability:Smokebomb 2 +8% to Bonus Dodge when Vanished
Moving Target (node).png Moving Target 15 Quickness (2) 2 +5% to Bonus Dodge when using Evade and JumpKick
Hidden Explosives (node).png Hidden Explosives 15 Bonus Decoy (1) 3 +20% chance for decoys to explode when KOed, damaging the attacker
Retaliate (node).png Retaliate 25 Disintegrate (2) or Moving Target (2) 2 +50% chance to counter with a half-damage blow after dodging an attack
Sturdy Decoys (node).png Sturdy Decoys 25 Hidden Explosives (1) 2 +1 to the HP of each dummy deployed by Decoy for every 2 levels

Elusion Tree Overview

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Abilities are skills that the player can use both inside and outside of battle. These abilities will either be bought on the skill tree using skill points or will be learned automatically once the player hits a certain level.

Learned Automatically
Ability MP Cost Level Description
Vanish 2 1 Overworld invisibility; In battle, the ninja vanishes (increased evasion rate; first strike) and damages a single target.
JumpKick 3 3 Power up for one round then deals normal damage and stuns a single target.
Evade 3 4 Absorb all targeted attacks on an ally; increases Bonus Dodge.
Essence 4 5 Damages a single target and creates a healing item if the target dies. Healing items can not be created from bosses, mini-bosses or players.
Decoy 12 8 Deploys dummy targets to draw attention away from one ally.
Shuriken 7 10 Inflicts minor physical damage to an enemy group with a chance to poison.
Pilfer 6 12 35% base chance to steal an item from the target's inventory.
Kamikaze 30 15 Kills the ninja and deals physical damage based on the difference between their HP at time of death and their max HP. The greater the difference, the greater the damage.
5-Point 20 25 Deals major damage to a single target after a 5 round countdown.
Learned from Assailant Tree
Ability MP Cost Level Description
MagicKick 10 10 Inflicts direct damage based on element set by the caster's top Plus Element stat.
Learned from Elusion Tree
Ability MP Cost Level Description
NinjaNet 9 10 Causes the slow status on an enemy group.
SmokeBomb 12 10 Allies are Vanished and attack first; lasts one round.