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Valuable in parties, Clerics are masters of healing magic. Clerics have a limited selection of attack spells and may also equip decent weapons. Clerics are well-rounded, much like Rangers. Clerics err slightly on the side of magic though, which is reflected by superior natural Intelligence and MP growth when compared to a Ranger. In spite of being limited to cloth armors, Clerics have the best natural physical defense of the four mage classes (Conjurer, Wizard and Warlock being the other three). They can be a fair shot with their weapon too if built for physical battle via appropriate equipment and skill point investment, although they will never be the equal of a similarly designed Ranger, Ninja, Merchant or Soldier.


Clerics can equip Staves and Daggers. They are limited to Light Armor. In their Off-hand slot Clerics can equip Jewelry.

Skill Trees

Skill Trees are the basis of leveling and customizing your character in NEStalgia. The skill tree menu unlocks at level 5 and at that point the player will be able to customize their character with available skill points. There are two ways to gain additional points:

  • Gain an experience level, which grants one point.
  • Progress through the plot of the game, which grants one point after completing the main quest connected to Verity's lighthouse and an additional point after completing the main quest connected to the Arctic's ice palace.

As of v1.68 this allows for a maximum of 30 points to spend.

Support Tree

Icon Node Level Required Nodes Max Points Description Image
Excellent Timing (node).png Excellent Timing - - 2 +25% to go first when Healing an ally with HP below 50% Support Tree.png
Lucky (node).png Lucky - - 2 +1 to Luck for every 3 levels.
Stamina (node).png Stamina 5 Excellent Timing (2) 3 +1 to Max HP for every 2 levels
Wisdom (node).png Wisdom 5 Lucky (2) 3 +1 to Max MP for every 2 levels
Cleanse (node).png Cleanse 10 Stamina (1) 2 +7% chance for Healing spells to also dispell all status ailments
Big Heals (node).png Big Heals 10 Stamina (2) 3 +3% to Power of all Heal spells
Farewell Gift (node).png Farewell Gift 10 Big Heals (1) 3 +33% chance to heal remaining allies after being KOed in battle
Good Health (node).png Good Health 10 Lucky (2) 2 +10% chance to resist Poison, Bleed, Stun, and Sleep afflictions
Master Healer (node).png Master Healer 15 Big Heals (1) 3 +33% to the Plus Heal Cap of all Heal spells
Second Chance (node).png Second Chance 15 Farewell Gift (2) 3 +10% to Redeem's Rate and HP healed upon Revival
Goodnight Ability (node).png Goodnight 15 Wisdom (2) 1 Ability. Chance to Sleep
Comatose (node).png Comatose 15 Ability:Goodnight 2 +15 to the damage threshold of all Sleep statuses inflicted
Benediction (node).png Benediction 25 Cleanse (2) 2 +25% chance for all Heal and Redeem spells to also bestow Bless
HealMost Ability (node).png HealMost 25 Master Healer (1) 1 Ability. Directly heals a large amount of HP
Focused Healing (node).png Focused Healing 25 Ability:HealMost 2 -10% to the Mp cost of HealMost and HealWave
Sandman (node).png Sandman 25 Ability:Goodnight 2 +15% to the Rates of Sleep and Goodnight
Nightmare Ability (node).png Nightmare 25 Sandman (1) 1 Ability. Inflicts major direct damage on a sleeping target

Support Tree Overview

The Support Tree, as the name implies, is focused almost exclusively on healing or preventing damage. Goodnight and Nightmare are the only attacking options in this tree, allowing Clerics to support their group by incapacitating enemies, then dealing large amounts of single-target magical damage to them, although this uses a great deal of MP.

As well, HealMost and the many Healing-oriented passive skills allow the Cleric to perform their class's primary role more effective, by healing off the damage taken by their party members in battle effectively, and with sufficient investment you can even make the more expensive skills such as Redeem and HealWave more practical to use in any fight.

Wrath Tree

Icon Node Level Required Nodes Max Points Description Image
Zeal (node).png Zeal - - 2 +2% of Max MP restored when any Instant Kill skill KOs a foe Wrath Tree.png
Contaminate (node).png Contaminate - - 2 +5% chance to inflict Poison on attacking foes
Divine Power (node).png Divine Power 5 Zeal (2) 3 +5% to the power of Smite
Quickness (node).png Quickness 5 Contaminate (2) 2 +1 to Agility for every 3 levels
Judgement Ability (node).png Judgement 10 Divine Power (2) 1 Ability. Chance to Instant Kill
Sagacious (node).png Sagacious 10 Divine Power (2) 2 +1 to Intelligence for every 3 levels
Venomous Strikes (node).png Venomous Strikes 10 Quickness (2) 2 +5% chance to inflict Poison with all physical attacks
Toxify Ability (node).png Toxify 10 Quickness (2) 1 Ability. Chance to Poison
True Faith (node).png True Faith 15 Ability:Judgement 2 +5% to the Rates of Smite and Judgement
Slasher (node).png Slasher 15 Venomous Strikes (1) 3 +1 to Attack for every 3 levels when using Blades
Black Widow (node).png Black Widow 15 Quickness (2) 3 +25% to Poison Damage
Corruption (node).png Corruption 15 Ability:Toxify 2 +15% to the Rates of Poison and Toxify
Desecrate (node).png Desecrate 25 Sagacious (2) 2 +5% chance to Kill attacking foes
Easy Target (node).png Easy Target 25 Slasher (2) or Corruption (2) 3 +10% to physical damage dealt to Poisoned foes

Wrath Tree Overview

Compared to the Support Tree, the Wrath Tree is much more offense-oriented, which can seem somewhat odd. However, there are a number of skills that can be surprisingly useful to a Cleric who intends to spend less time healing, and more time preventing damage in the first place with their arsenal of instant-kill and poisonous abilities. Zeal can be used to recover MP from a successful Smite or Judgement, but the high cost and low default success rate of these skills makes it impractical to use reliably in combat. However, the Desecrate skill will also result in the Cleric recovering their magic power, which is a possibility that should not be taken lightly, due to its practicality in battles with many opponents.

Failing that, the Cleric can instead opt towards a more Poison-oriented build, using Toxify, Contaminate, and Venomous Strikes to debilitate opponents and increase their own damage.


Abilities are skills that the player can use both inside and outside of battle. These abilities will either be bought on the skill tree using skill points or will be learned automatically once the player hits a certain level.

Learned Automatically
Ability MP Cost Level Description
Heal 5 1 Heals a single target for a low amount of HP.
Smite 5 3 Inflicts direct damage on a single target: 10% base chance to instant kill.
Detox 7 5 Removes the poison status from one ally.
HealMore 12 7 Heals an ally for a moderate amount of HP.
Poison 5 8 Chance to poison a single target.
Sleep 4 9 50% base chance to put one enemy to sleep.
Sight 5 11 Dispels Blind
Harden 10 12 Increases physical defense of one ally.
HealWave 25 14 Heals all allies for a small amount of HP.
Redeem 21 15 40% base chance to revive one ally from death.
Soften 6 18 Lowers the defense of a single target.
Dream 3 21 Awakens a sleeping ally and heals all allies. Has no effect if no ally is asleep.
Sanity 14 25 Dispels the confuse status from all allies.
Learned from Support Tree
Ability MP Cost Level Description
HealMost 25 25 Heals an ally for a large amount of HP.
Goodnight 17 15 30% base chance to sleep all enemies.
Nightmare 12 25 Inflicts major damage on a sleeping target.
Learned from Wrath Tree
Ability MP Cost Level Description
Judgment 20 10 10% base chance to instant kill an enemy group.
Toxify 9 10 40% base chance to poison an enemy group.