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Ranger stats.png
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The Ranger combines physical strength with an impressive arsenal of healing and attack magic to make for a versatile, balanced fighter. “Jack of all trades, master of none”, the Ranger has no glaring weaknesses. Rangers are an excellent class for soloing, but can also be an asset to any party.


Rangers can equip Swords, Daggers, Bows, and Staves. They can use a variety of armor ranging from heavy chain mail to cloth. In their offhand slot Rangers can equip Bracelets and Necklaces. In short, a ranger's equipment options mirrors their versatility in terms of skill choices and play style.

Skill Trees

Skill Trees are the basis of leveling and customizing your character in NEStalgia. The skill tree menu unlocks at level 5 and at that point the player will be able to customize their character with available skill points. There are two ways to gain additional points:

  • Gain an experience level, which grants one point.
  • Progress through the plot of the game, which grants one point after completing the main quest connected to Verity's lighthouse and an additional point after completing the main quest connected to the Arctic's ice palace.

As of v1.68 this allows for a maximum of 30 points to spend.

Nature Tree

Icon Node Level Required Nodes Max Points Description Image
Cleanse (node).png Cleanse - - 2 +5% chance for Healing spells to also dispel all status ailments. Nature Tree.png
Mighty Bolts (node).png Mighty Bolts - - 3 +5% chance for Shock and Electro to deal a Potent Hit.
DeTox Ability (node).png Ability: DeTox 5 Cleanse (2) 1 Dispels Poison.
Wisdom (node).png Wisdom 5 Cleanse (2) or Mighty Bolts (2) 3 +1 to Max MP for every 2 levels.
Turmoil Ability (node).png Turmoil 5 Mighty Bolts (2) 3 +5% chance for Storm abilities to inflict Confuse.
Staff Mastery (node).png Staff Mastery 10 Wisdom (1) 2 +1 to Plus Storm and Heal for every 4 levels when using Staves.
Storm Power (node).png Storm Power 10 Turmoil (1) 2 +1 to the Plus Storm Cap of all Storm spells for every 3 levels.
Sizzle Ability (node).png Ability: Sizzle 10 Turmoil (2) 1 Inflicts Storm damage over several rounds.
Life Giver (node).png Life Giver 15 Ability: DeTox (1) 3 +33% to the Plus Heal Cap of all Heal spells.
Regrowth (node).png Regrowth 15 Life Giver (2) 3 +3% to the Power of all Heal spells.
VoltCross Ability (node).png Ability: VoltCross 15 Storm Power (1) 1 A Storm spell trap that explodes when hit; lasts one round.
Cloud Burst (node).png Cloud Burst 15 Storm Power (1) 2 -5% to the damage spread penalty of Lightning vs. 4+ foes.
HealWave Ability (node).png Ability: HealWave 25 Life Giver (2) 1 Directly heals a small amount of HP.
Sagacious (node).png Sagacious 25 Regrowth (2) or Nature's Fury (2) 2 +1 to Intelligence for every 2 levels.
Nature's Fury (node).png Nature's Fury 25 Storm Power (2) 3 +5% to the Power of all Storm abilities.

Nature Tree Overview

Hunter Tree

Icon Node Level Required Nodes Max Points Description Image
Quickness (node).png Quickness - - 3 +1 to Agility for every 3 levels. Hunter Tree.png
Daring Offense (node).png Daring Offense - - 3 +1 to Attack for every 3 levels when using either Bows or Staves.
Solid Defense (node).png Solid Defense - - 3 +1 to Defense for every 3 levels when using either Blades or Staves.
Lucky (node).png Lucky 5 Quickness (2) 2 +1 to Luck for every 3 levels.
Harden Ability (node).png Ability: Harden 5 Lucky (2) 1 Bestows Harden.
Soften Ability (node).png Ability: Soften 5 Daring Offense (3) or Solid Defense (3) 1 Inflicts Soften.
Awareness (node).png Awareness 10 Lucky (1) or Dead Eye (1) 2 +25% to Repel's effect vs. stronger monsters.
Dead Eye (node).png Dead Eye 10 Daring Offense (2) 2 +2% to Bonus Crit.
Magic Burn (node).png Magic Burn 10 Ability: Soften (1) 2 +5% of all physical damage dealt to foes returned as MP.
Swift (node).png Swift 10 Solid Defense (2) 2 +2% to Bonus Dodge.
Stamina (node).png Stamina 15 Lucky (2) 3 +1 to Max HP for every 2 levels.
Guts (node).png Guts 25 Stamina (2) 2 +1 to Fire, Ice and Storm Resist for every 4 levels.
Cursed Arms (node).png Cursed Arms 25 Dead Eye (2) 3 +5% chance to inflict Curse when attacking with Bows or Staves.
Might (node).png Might 25 Cursed Arms (2) or Sharpened Arms (2) 2 +1 to Strength for every 2 levels.
Sharpened Arms (node).png Sharpened Arms 25 Swift (2) 3 +5% chance to inflict Bleed when attacking with Blades or Staves.

Hunter Tree Overview


Abilities are skills that the player can use both inside and outside of battle. These abilities will either be bought on the skill tree using skill points or will be learned automatically once the player hits a certain level.

Learned Automatically
Ability MP Cost Level Description
Shock 4 1 Inflicts Storm damage on a single target.
Sense 0 3 Shows nearby foes in the overworld, and examines foes in battle.
Guard 0 4 When used on an ally or the ranger themselves, the ranger's physical defense is increased. If used on an ally, the ranger will also take all single-target attacks that were directed at that ally. Occurs at the start of the round.
Heal 5 5 Heals an ally for a small amount of HP.
Impale 2 7 Inflicts minor damage on a single target: chance to cause bleed.
Electro 9 10 Inflicts greater Storm damage on a single target.
Repel 5 13 Reduces the frequency of or outright prevents monster encounters in the overworld. Has a reduced effect if monsters are equal or higher in level compared to the leader of the group.
Lightning 15 14 Inflicts Storm damage on all enemies.
Outside 4 15 Used in caves and other dungeons; returns the party to the entrance.
Headshot 0 18 Inflicts minor damage on a single target: chance to cause confuse.
HealMore 12 20 Heals an ally for a moderate amount of HP.
Learned from Nature Tree
Ability MP Cost Description
Detox 7 Dispels Poison on an ally.
HealWave 20 Heals all allies for a small amount of HP.
Sizzle 5 Inflicts Storm damage over time to a single target.
VoltCross 10 Creates a shield around yourself which when hit inflicts massive Storm damage to the attacker.
Learned from Hunter Tree
Ability MP Cost Description
Harden 10 Boosts the physical defense of a single ally.
Soften 6 Lowers the physical defense of a single target.