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Can I skip cut scenes?

Most cut scenes can be skipped by clicking the “Skip” button (it looks like a fast-forward button) that appears in the interface panel to the right of the game window during cut scenes.

How do I tell who other players are?

Simply clicking on another player in the overworld will display their name, class, level and guild (if they are in one) in the text output pane.

How do I see which players are online?

Simply click on the globe icon by the upper left corner of the chat window. This will bring up a window on the text output pane showing a list of all online players who are logged in to a character (i.e., not idling at the character selection screen or in the middle of choosing/creating a character), with 15 players per page. If you are in a battle it will not be possible to bring up this window.

Another way to see which players are online is to bring up the chat box for typing a message and type '/who' (without single quotes). This method will generate a list of every logged in player in the chat window. Unlike the list generated by the globe icon, this list can be brought up in and out of battle as well as during any situation where you temporarily lose control of your screen's output (resting in an inn, being revived after a party wipe, traveling on a boat, watching a cutscene, etc).

What is the significance of the different colors of text in the chat window?

Dark green text is local chat, text that is only shown to players on the same screen as whoever sent the message. Dark blue text is world chat, text that is shown to everyone online. Orange text is guild chat, text that is shown only to players who are in the same guild as the sender. Light green text is party chat, text that is shown only to players in the same party as the sender. Pink text is whisper chat, text only visible between the sender and receiver.

There are other colors (dark red, purple, light blue), but these are restricted to use by administrators and moderators and are largely similar to world chat in function.

What is the difference between a PvP server and a PvE server?

PvP is shorthand for Player vs. Player. Such servers on NEStalgia allow for unrestricted fighting between teams of players once all members for both teams are level 10 or higher so long as the teams are not in a safe zone such as inside a town. PvE is shorthand for Player vs. Environment. Unlike a PvP server, all inter-player combat on a PvE server must be agreed to by both sides regardless of location or level. In most every other aspect (monster combat, item drops, class choices, etc) the two types of server are identical.

How do I trade items or gold?

You must be first be grouped with the other player. Once in a group, clicking on an item in your inventory shows the option to give it to a group member. Also, a small “Give Gold” button appears above your gold total in the inventory menu. Click on this button then on the target player to transfer gold.

Is there a place to store gold and items?

There are several banks and vaults located around the world that allow you to store your gold and items. You will find the first bank and vault on the main floor of Balzackia Castle to the right of the entrance.

What is the level difference at which two people in a party can no longer gain exp and gold?

A party can have at most a level difference of 7 before XP/gold can not be gained. So, if a level 21 parties with a level 14, both characters will gain XP and gold as usual. If the level 21 player gains a level before the level 14 player though, XP/gold goes down to zero for both of them.

NOTE: This level difference applies only to players; companions gain the normal gold and XP amount per battle regardless of the level of their player.

How do I assign Hotkeys?

Enter a battle, select Ability and select Assign Hotkey at the bottom. Choose the skill you desire then select one of the nine available boxes. At the moment it is not possible to change hotkey #1, which is locked in as performing a normal attack.

Can I assign something other than skills to a Hotkey?

Yes, you can. By accessing your item menu instead of your Ability menu, you can assign consumable items, quest items, or even equipped items to a hotkey. Doing so can prove useful in certain fights, such as being able to quickly prepare the Hookshot for use against Occularis, use a Magic Herb-B on a teammate, or use one of the charges on the Malevolent Abacus.

What is a Hydra/Flayer/Fire Beetle/Fishman/Mammoth and why are they so strong?

These monsters are Minibosses, they appear at a chance of 1/50. They are designed to be stronger than normal monsters found in the same area(s). Minibosses drop seed boosters, double seed boosters, and small seeds of various types.

Why do I deal much less damage to certain enemies?

More often than not, this is due to using an ability that is of the same element as the enemy (Fireball on a Molten Slime, Blizzard on a group of Pengies, etc). Enemies that are fire, ice or storm element have very high resistance to attacks of that same element. Another likely case is when physical attacks are used on enemies that are Hard or Spirit element, as enemies of either type have very high resistance to physical attacks. Check the Elements page for more information regarding how the elements interact.

When is the next update?

The next update will happen whenever Silk finishes it. Silk announces the release date for major updates on the forums ( http://silkgames.com/forum/ ) as well as on the Silk Games blog ( http://www.silkgames.com/blog/ ).

Why won't these monsters join me?

Don't worry, monsters will eventually join you if you are the right rank for them to join you. You can check your rank by clicking your Statistics button and going to your Character Profile page. You can find a monsters rank by going to the nearest ranch and checking the Bestiary. The chance of a monster wanting to join your party at the end of a fight is normally 2% (1/50), but this chance can be increased through the use of certain items. Check the Items page and look for items referred to as charms or bait for examples.

Where is the Reforged Key?

The Reforged Key is not in the game yet.

What is this black and red thing moving around the map?

That black and red thing is Shade. Shade is a roaming boss that should only be attempted by groups of high level characters. Don't listen to people who tell you to engage it by yourself; you'll get wiped out and in the process temporarily prevent groups equipped to handle the Shade from fighting it.

What are daily quests and how do they differ from normal quests?

Daily quests are quests that can be completed multiple times by the same character, but only once a day. This distinguishes them from normal quests which a character can only receive credit for once. Some daily quests are only available on certain days of the week, such as the Monster Hunt quest available in the Black Sanctum.

Which companion is the best fit for my class?

There is no such companion that is clearly the best for any class. For example, a wizard can benefit from having a Micro Monk, Red Slime, Zombie, Icer, Flamer or any of the other possible choices as a companion. In short, do not be afraid to experiment with different companions in order to find ones that you feel comfortable with.

How do I make my companion use certain abilities?

Currently there is no way to make a companion use a certain ability. However, setting a companion to one of the four available AI types can influence which abilities will be used. Check out the Companions page for more information about each setting.

What are badges and where do I use them?

There are currently two types of badge in the game: Colosseum Badges and Sanctum Badges.

  • Colosseum badges, with the exception of certain holiday-exclusive events, can only be acquired by participating in or being present for the start of an official PvP tournament. These badges can be used to purchase equipment, medium resilience seeds, and certain masks and clothing dyes from shops found inside the Colosseum.
  • Sanctum badges are acquired solely by completing quests found in the Black Sanctum and its inner keep. Sanctum badges can be used to purchase equipment along with various types of medium seed from vendors found inside of and just outside of the Sanctum.