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Scroll Icon.png Single Use

Item Name Effect
HP Potion-A Restores 30 HP to Single Ally
HP Potion-B Restores 60 HP to Single Ally
HP Potion-C Restores 100 HP to Single Ally
Crab Cake Restores 90 HP to Single Ally
Bottle of Grog Restore 100 HP to Single Ally
Magic Herb-A Restores 25 MP to Single Ally
Magic Herb-B Restores 40 MP to Single Ally
Antidote Removes Poison from Single Ally
Blue Candle Removes Mirage from Single Ally
Scroll of Recall Warps Party to last visited city
Scroll of Outside Warps Party outside current dungeon
Scroll of Repel Prevents or lowers Party encounters with weaker monsters
Scroll Of Redeem 50% chance to revive Single Ally from Death to 40% HP
Bronze Charm Slightly entices a recruitable foe
Silver Charm Moderately entices a recruitable foe
Gold Charm Greatly entices a recruitable foe
Crab Bait Greatly entices a Giant Crab recruit
Mage Slime Charm Greatly entices a Mage Slime recruit
Alarm Clock Wakes Single Ally from sleep
Warding Gem Prevents sudden Death from spells on Self
Shade Compass Gives direction of Shade in overworld
Seed Booster Adds one seed slot, up to a maximum of nine
Double Seed Booster Adds two seed slots, up to a maximum of nine
Triple Seed Booster Adds three seed slots, up to a maximum of nine
MAX Seed Booster Adds six seed slots, up to a maximum of nine
Dusty Diary Page 64 Once read the page will self-destruct
Sacred Scroll of Rebirth Re-customize or reset your appearance
Sacred Scroll of Conversion Switch between specs
Sacred Scroll of Revision Respec monster milestone choices