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Items that as the name implies are used exclusively for completing quests in the game. All quest items are Soul Bound to your BYOND Key and to that specific character who received it so it cannot be passed through the Shared Vault or given to another player to use. Some quest items aren't mandatory for completion of said quests, while others are absolutely needed.

A good example is the Hookshot which is a rather unique quest item for fighting against Occularis in the quest: Eye See What You Do There, in the Black Sanctum. The Hookshot makes the boss fight much easier, however it is not needed to complete the quest or beat Occularis.

Here is a table showing the quest items and the corresponding quests they apply to:

Book Icon.png Quest Items

Item Name Quest
Mildred's Orb A Slippery Situation
Red Slime Charm So I heard you like Slimes?
Blue Slime Charm Apocalypse Now
Brilliant Red Diamond The Balzackian Blockade
Lord Balzack's Personal Wine Borrowing the King's Booze
Maze Woods Flower Acheron's Awakening
Silver Earrings Anniversary Surprise
Parrot Cage A Puzzling Parrot
Blood Beard's Special Grog Grog is the Best Medicine
Harsh Break-Up Letter Heart Break
Old Silk Hat Thumpetty thump thump
Phoenix Talons Tales from the Crypt
Graham's Skull Skull and Bones
Shade Residue Shades of Evil
Hookshot Eye See What You Do There
Ghost Trap Ghost Hunting