Status Effects

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Status buffs

Name Description
Bless Battle Icon.png Bless Increases healing received by 20%. (Or cancels Curse.)
Empower Battle Icon.png Empower Increases physical Attack power by 20%. (Or cancels Weaken.)
Focus Battle Icon.png Focus Prevents Sleep, Stun(allegedly) and Confuse ailments.
Harden Battle Icon.png Harden Increases physical Defense power by 20%. (Or cancels Soften.)
Renew Battle Icon.png Renew Healing over time effect.
Repel Field Icon.png Repel Field buff that reduces the chance of random encounters in lower level areas.
Haste Battle Icon.png Speed Doubles Agility for turn order calculations; Agility is not otherwise affected. (Or cancels Slow.)
StopSpell Battle Icon.png StopSpell Reduces all elemental damage the target receives by 30%.
      Vanished Causes incoming non-ability-based attacks to miss (often).

Status ailments

Name Description
Bleed Battle Icon.png Bleed Inflicts damage every round.
Blind Battle Icon.png Blind Causes outgoing non-ability-based attacks to miss (often).
Confuse Battle Icon.png Confuse Chance to skip turns or attack allies while active.
Curse Battle Icon.png Curse Reduces healing received by 55% and halves Luck. (Or cancels Bless.)
Poison Battle Icon.png Poison Inflicts damage every round and persists after battle.
Sleep Battle Icon.png Sleep Skip all turns while active.
Slow Battle Icon.png Slow Halves Agility for turn order calculations; Agility is not otherwise affected. (Or cancels Speed.)
Soften Battle Icon.png Soften Decreases physical Defense power by 30%. (Or cancels Harden.)
Stun Battle Icon.png Stun Skip next turn.
Weaken Battle Icon.png Weaken Decreases physical Attack power by 10%. (Or cancels Empower.)

Damage over time effects

Name Description
Darken Battle Icon.png Darken Non-elemental DoT effect.
Fizz Battle Icon.png Fizz Non-elemental DoT effect.
Leech Battle Icon.png Leech Non-elemental DoT effect. Heals the caster of the Leech spell with the target's lost HP.
Shiver Battle Icon.png Shiver Ice DoT effect.
Simmer Battle Icon.png Simmer Fire DoT effect.
Sizzle Battle Icon.png Sizzle Storm DoT effect.


  • All DoT effects can all be stacked with others (not the same one twice).
  • DoT effects are not removed by abilities that clear all status ailments, like the Cleric's Cleanse skill tree.