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Getting Started

  • First if you would like to help with the wiki you'll need to Create an Account.
  • Once you've done that, don't be afraid to click the edit tab to jump in and add any missing information.

Before Editing:

  • If you plan to change anything that has already been done, be sure to check the discussion tab before making any changes.
  • If you are adding a page, please check the Templates to make sure there isn't a Template you should be using to add the new page.
  • If you're editing a page that uses a Template, you should check the Templates to make sure that you are using the most up to date Template.
  • If you're having any trouble understanding anything, you can always checkout the User's Guide for Editors at MediaWiki to learn more about wiki editing.

Additional Tips:

  • When adding to the wiki, be careful not to give anything away; the wiki is here to help, not give away the game. (For example, maps should be left as is, chests and secret passages shouldn't be labeled because it's up to players to figure things like that out on their own. Also don't give away monster locations that are part of quests that you are given hints about in the game.)
  • Often things written in italics are directly quoted from the game, especially descriptions.
  • When you add something to a discussion, you should sign it with "~~~~" (minus the quotes), which will automatically be changed to "Marksalot 07:58, 29 June 2011 (CDT)".

Thanks for helping and happy editing!

To Do List


  • Go through each page that's been made "Singular" and revert it back to what it is supposed to be.
  • Completely fix "Elementalist" skill icons


  • Someone who uses a gamepad should create the gamepad page at:
  • Finish filling in Monster information, especially their abilities and MP totals.
  • Update all level 32 Companion data (those missing the luck stat have outdated stats) and create pages for all abilities on the Companions page.
  • Update all abilities on the Abilities page with what level or Skill Tree Branch they are learned and verify that the rest of the info is correct and that it is using the Skill template. (All Skills now have the template)
  • Finish filling in / fixing Armory information as new items have been added to the game and some stats have changed. All equipment tables need to be verified/updated.
  • Add the following missing pages to the wiki along with their relevant contents: "Banners", "Highlands Banner", "Bright Moon Powder", "Voltaic Soul Gem", "Celestial Ice", "Dark Moon Powder", "Spell Crystals", "Evade", "MagicKick", "Decoy", "RobGrave", "Exorcism", "Distract", "Bankrupt", "Sight", "ManaWard", "IcePillar", and "Flare".
  • Add the 2 following missing items and all of their data to the wiki: King Gabe's Crowbar, King Gabe's Manual.
  • Finish filling in city and area information in Regions (this includes listing quests, monsters and NPCs in each area).
  • Under the Beginners_Guide section, need to add sections for assigning quick bar slots, inviting/dueling players, auto heal, and trading with players.
  • Create pages for quest giver NPCs in Quests using the new NPC Template. (Most of this information can be found on the Old Wiki under npcs.) (Old wiki link is long dead)
  • IP ban certain user(s) who have created spam page(s) and delete said pages.


  • Some quest info and reward info needs to be updated since they have recently changed.


  • The Q&A section can be greatly expanded (Badges, Server Types, Stand Alone Installer vs Byond, Daily Quests and lots more).
  • Add images to the Buildings page.
  • Add categories to pages that fall into groups.
  • Add transparency to Bestiary images.

Admin only


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.