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Notice: This page or section contains information that is not up to date with the most recent version of NEStalgia.

Starting a Guild

Guild registry can be found above the bank in Balzackia and in the southwest corner of Ardan. Guild registry costs a one-time fee of 10,000 Gold and allows the registrar to select a logo from a preset list, as well as a variety of colors for use on you new guild cape.


  • All of your characters on that server wear a guild cape.
  • Players in the guild receive a guild say channel to talk amongst their guild.
  • If all members of a team are in the same guild, the The Colosseum will announce them in battle under the guild name, as well as the party leaders name.
  • Often, it is a lot easier to find a party when you are part of a guild.


There are 5 ranks within every guild (with rank 1 being reserved for the guild leader). The guild leader has the power to edit the different ranks' names and permission levels.

Each rank can be set at 1 of 3 different permission levels:

  • Basic - Guild members with this permission level cannot recruit, promote, nor dismiss other members.
  • Recruiter - Guild members with this permission level can recruit, but not promote nor dismiss other members.
  • Full - Guild members with this permission level can recruit, promote, and dismiss other members (Guild leaders automatically have Full permissions and cannot be changed).

Note: Guild members cannot promote or dismiss other members of the same rank.


Q: Can anyone join a guild?

  • A: Yes, but you can only belong to one guild at a time.

Q: How do I join a guild?

  • A: You must be invited by a member of the guild you wish to join. Alternatively, you may create your own guild for 10,000 gold in either Ardan or Balzackia

Q: How do I leave a guild?

  • A: Once you join a guild, You will notice a button with a flag on it near the top left of the chat box. Click on this and you will see a button giving you the option to leave the guild.

Q: Can the guild leader pass on the lead to another person?

  • A: Currently, no. Also, if the guild leader leaves his/her current guild, the guild will be dissolved.

Q: Will my guild carry over to another server?

  • A: No, guilds are server specific.

Cape Options

Capes are designed by the Guild Leader when they first make the guild, but can be redesigned by the Guild Leader(only) at any time for 5,000 gold.

The currently available cape designs.

3E.png Charm.png Circle.png Cross.png
Demon-cape.png Helmet.png Invader.png Moon.png
Skull.png Smiley.png Sun.png Target.png
Tomb.png X.png

The available primary (cape background) and secondary (cape symbol) colors:

Primary Colors Secondary Colors
Primary-colors.png Secondary-colors.png

Note: Other colors are available through use of Guild Dyes.