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Evan Norton
Favorite class Warlock
Main server Greenlight
Guild Zantetsu
Email adress Evan

Hello! I go by Xt0rt3r here, but most people just call me Evan in NEStalgia. I am an admin here at the NEStalgia Wiki. My primary server is Greenlight, which I play on with my guild Zantetsu. The following are some projects I would like to complete here:

  • Categorize all pages correctly. (I have completed this for the most part. All pages such as items, equipment, abilities, and items have been categorized, but there are still some stray pages that I've found uncategorized at random.
  • Fix all broken redirects and remove the unneeded ones.
  • Give all images good titles, summaries, and licenses. (This will be a long one.)

My guild (Zantetsu)


Zantetsu ranks.png


Zantetsu members.png
Zantetsu members 2.png

My subpages