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Achievements are awarded to Players for completing tasks. They can be accessed in game by viewing your character sheet.

List of achievements

Name Requirements
World in Peril Complete the Balzackian quest chain
Flight of the Phoenix Complete the Bedoe quest chain
The Sun Rune Discover the Sun Rune
The Life Rune Discover the Life Rune
Woodland Pathfinder Find the hidden woodland merchant
Arctic Pathfinder Find the hidden Arctic merchant
Crypt Keeper Complete the Warrior's Crypt
Shade of Many Faces Defeat all six forms of the Shade
Represent Become a member of any guild
Gold Standard Store 100,000 gold in the bank
Gambling Problem Accumulate 10,000 casino tokens
Quest-aholic Complete every quest (Daily Quests not included)
No Stone Unturned Find and open every treasure chest
All in a Day's Work Save the Black Sanctum
Perfect Vision Defeat Occularis without using the Hookshot
Gladiator Win an official tournament at the Colosseum
Get It On Reach Level 10 with any character
Got To Get It On Reach Level 20 with any character
No Choice But To Get It On Reach Level 30 with any character
Mandate: Get It On Reach Level 40 with any character
Ranger Mastery Play a Ranger to Level 30
Soldier Mastery Play a Soldier to Level 30
Cleric Mastery Play a Cleric to Level 30
Wizard Mastery Play a Wizard to Level 30
Merchant Mastery Play a Merchant to Level 30
Conjurer Mastery Play a Conjurer to Level 30
Ninja Mastery Play a Ninja to Level 30
Warlock Mastery Play a Warlock to Level 30