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Notice: This page or section contains information that is not up to date with the most recent version of NEStalgia.

Damage Types

There are two types of damage: Physical and Magical. Physical damage is based on the Attack vs. Defense stats, while Magical damage uses Intelligence to calculate both attack and defense ratings.

Either type of damage can be elemental in nature, meaning that the relevant Plus Element and Resist Element stats come into play. For example, the Fire Enchantment skill deals Physical fire damage that is calculated based on the Attack vs. Defense stats, while the Fireball spell deals Magical fire damage that is calculated based upon Intelligence. Both attacks are subject to bonuses/reductions from Plus Fire and Resist Fire.

Base Stats

Attack and Defense

In battle damage calculations, Attack is pitted against Defense to determine the amount of physical damage dealt.


  • Each point of Strength provides ¾ Attack and ¼ Defense.
  • Strength also directly impacts the power and damage of the Bleed effect in battle.


  • Each point of Agility provides ¼ Defense.
  • Battle turn order is determined based upon which combatant has the highest agility (with some random variation).
  • Dodging and Critical Hit chance are both determined by a comparison between the agility of the target and the attacker. The greater the percentage difference, the greater the chance for either a Critical Hit or a successful Dodge.


Intelligence determines both spell power and spell defense. In terms of magical damage equations, it's essentially the Attack and Defense variables rolled into one.


  • Each point of Luck equals plus or minus ⅓% to the success rate of random chance abilities (both on attack and defense).
  • Each point of Luck above 2x the Character or Companion's level provides a benefit to item finding (the chance to find every type of loot that can drop at the end of battle). In groups, it is calculated independently for each party member (unlike the Plus Exp and Plus Gold stats, you do not receive a bonus from other players).

Secondary Stats

Bonus Crit/Dodge

Bonus Crit/Dodge is added on top of the critical hit / dodge chance calculated using the percentage difference between the agility of the target and the attacker in battle.

Fire/Ice/Storm Resist

Fire/Ice/Storm Resistances reduce all damage received from fire/ice/storm spells by subtracting its value from raw damage.

Plus Fire/Ice/Storm

  • On spells, Plus Fire/Ice/Storm is added to the amount of matching element damage dealt. Offensive spells have a maximum amount of the Plus Element stat that the ability will benefit from.
  • On attacks, Plus Fire/Ice/Storm will be added to the weapon damage only if the weapon has an enabling elemental Enchant.

Plus Healing

Plus Healing is added to the amount of healing given with both items and abilities in and out of battle. The Plus Healing bonus works when targeting others, but does not impact the amount of healing received from others.

Bonus Stats

Plus Exp

Plus Experience increases the amount of experience received in battle by directly adding a player's Plus Experience total to the base experience payout of the battle. In groups, the Plus Experience stat of the player with the highest value is used and applied to all party members. Plus Experience does not apply to quest rewards. Plus Experience can never provide a bonus of more than double the base experience for a given battle.

Plus Gold

Plus Gold functions exactly the same way as Plus Experience, only for gold.